In the course of their business development, Nordische Oelwerke Carroux incorporated an an increasing number of products in their product range.On 10 October 1921, the foundations were laid for the company NOW. Its initial business was limited to the import of raw palm oil from Congo. In the course of its development, further services were incorporated in the company’s offer. For instance, the distillation of fatty acids, the manufacturing of several antifroth oils for the sugar producing industry, leather fats and cutting oils. After the Second World War, the company had to undergo a complete reconstruction. Even during those times, the distillation of fatty acids from oils and fats formed an important part of the company. In addition, the second main ingredient of oil and fat, glycerine, was much in demand in the market. Corporations active in the cosmetics, tobacco and bakery industry became customers of the company. In the 1970s, NOW started the manufacturing of feeding fat in addition. This business segment proved to be a growth market in the 80s and 90s. At the beginning of 1996, the production and sale of the business field of feeding fat was transferred to the company Nordische Futterfette Carroux which was founded especially for this purpose.