This Code of Conduct defines the principles and requirements which Nordische Oelwerke Walther Carroux GmbH & Co. KG applies to its staff and business partners with regard to their responsibility for people and the environment.



Compliance with the laws

Compliance with laws and regulations and abiding by legal obligations and prohibitions are, for us, an important basic principle of economically responsible activity.



Avoidance of conflicts of interest

It is a fundamental rule that all business decisions are taken solely in the interest of the company. Private and other interests are irrelevant in this context, and conflict therewith must be rigorously avoided.


Fair competition

The success of our company is based on long years of experience, professional competence and solid product quality. The selection of and dealings with our suppliers are based on the principle of non-discrimination.


Prohibition of bribery and corruption

We are committed to the EU Code of Conduct and categorically reject any form of bribery and corruption. Violations of this rule are not tolerated, and lead to sanctions against the party responsible.


Prohibition of money laundering

The company does not involve itself in money laundering activities. All financial transactions are based on transparently traceable business processes. An investigation is launched in the event of any suspicion of financial illegality.


Basic rights of staff members

Day to day dealings with staff are governed by the principles of equal opportunities, mutual respect and mutual trust.

All members of staff are treated equally, regardless of gender, colour, age, religious affiliation, basic philosophy, ethnic origin or any disability.


Human and worker rights

The personal dignity, privacy and individual rights of every member of staff must be respected. Personal data are collected and processed with meticulous care and in conformity with the law.

We are committed to upholding internationally recognised human rights, and we reject any form of child or forced labour.

All the company's employees receive a reasonable remuneration for their work, in line with the wage and salary rates customary in the region.


Trade unions and associations

Cooperation with staff representatives and lobbies or pressure groups is based on the principles of respect and frank dialogue.


Health and safety

Work places and work requirements are shaped in accordance with the needs of health and safety at work, for which there are regular checks and inspections.

The training courses offered ensure that staff members are fully and professionally informed about health and safety matters. Their compliance with the rules for their own workplace constitutes a contribution by all of them to promoting health and safety at work.


Protection of climate and the environment

The whole company is committed to sustainable protection of climate and the environment.

Optimally designed production processes and responsible conduct by employees make it possible to achieve a high level of resource and energy efficiency while at the same time minimising the impact on climate and the environment.


Public relations

All staff members can, through their conduct and demeanour in public, particularly in relation to the media, help to uphold the company's reputation and standing.


Information about the company

We set great store by truthfulness and transparency in our communications vis-?-vis customers, business partners, staff members and state institutions. Documents are prepared in strict compliance with statutory rules.

Confidential information and business documents are given special protection against access by unauthorised persons. Misuse or disclosure to third parties are, as a basic rule, forbidden and prosecuted at law.



Anonymous reports on possible violations of laws or company rules can be forwarded by way of a whistleblower system.